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The Popular Complex for Expat                     

Up Town Area WuLin Square Area  Stadium Area Bin Jiang District

 New CBD Area

 Chun Jiang Hua Yue   White Horse   Green Garden  Ease Sky Plaza  Mixc Apartment
 The Dreamland  Deep Blue Plaza      Legend City Sheng Yuan Hui Gu  Dong Fang Run Yuan
 Jin Du Hua Fu  Jin Du Hua Ting    Solar Apartment  
 Din An Ming Du      Beyond City  

?????est lake golf villa
west lake golf villa
45,000 RMB
380 sqm
?????in Se Cheng Pin
Jin Se Cheng Pin
4,800 RMB
1Br. 60 sqm
?????ase Sky plaza
Ease Sky plaza
7,000 RMB
3Br. 150 sqm
?????in An Ming Du
Din An Ming Du
10,000 RMB
3Br. 155 sqm
?????est lake golf villa
west lake golf villa
50,000 RMB
4Br. 380 sqm
?????iverbay Garden
Riverbay Garden
10,000 RMB
4Br.180 sqm
19,500 RMB
3Br. 205 sqm
?????ong Fang Run Yuan
Dong Fang Run Yuan
26,000 RMB
4Br. 280 sqm
?????he city star
The city star
18,000 RMB
3Br, 180 sqm
?????astern Harmony Time
Eastern Harmony Time
3,500 RMB
1Br. 51 sqm
?????in Se Cheng Pin
Jin Se Cheng Pin
7,500 RMB
1Br. 100 sqm
?????he Noting Hill
The Noting Hill
21,000 RMB
3Br. 280 sqm
?????uan Hua Apartment
Yuan Hua Apartment
35,000 RMB
3Br. 220 sqm
?????heng Yuan Hui Gu
Sheng Yuan Hui Gu
8,500 RMB
3Br. 160 sqm
?????hui An Feng Ting
Shui An Feng Ting
28,000 RMB
6Br. 300 sqm
?????egend City
Legend City
12,000 RMB
4Br. 150 sqm
?????reen Garden
Green Garden
12,000 RMB
2Br. 132 sqm
?????riented Garden
Oriented Garden
27,000 RMB
5Br. 330 sqm
?????he Mixc Apartment
The Mixc Apartment
8,000 RMB
2Br. 90 sqm
?????un Long 11 Jing
Yun Long 11 Jing
13,000 RMB
3Br, 140 sqm
?????est Lake Times Square
West Lake Times Square
18,000 RMB
3Br, 215 sqm
?????ong Run Yin Zuo
Tong Run Yin Zuo
5,500 RMB
1Br, 90 sqm
?????in Xiu Jiang Nan
Jin Xiu Jiang Nan
7,000 RMB
4Br, 180 sqm
?????o.260 Nan Shan Lu
No.260 Nan Shan Lu
17,500 RMB
2Br. 160 sqm
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